Garden Ballustrade Respray

Garden Ballustrade Respray


Cleaning and Preparation

A thorough cleaning and blasting of this ballustrade guaranteed a clean dry surface before spray painting. The 'before' and 'after' pictures show quite a difference. For any exterior paint application, we know the really valuable work is in the preparation.


Power washing for squeaky clean preparation

This garden wall was powerwashed. All flakey parts were removed. All greasy grime from decaying leaves, and any general dirt was completely removed. Only then were we happy that it was clean and ready for closer attention.

Cleaning & preparation stages are an investment in the future. Get these stages right, and any external paint work will look better and protect for longer.


Better than new again

That's how we like to leave a job. Better than new. We always look to sharpen up the finish any where we can. Often the client won't notice this extra work, but it always shows in the overall appearance. At this stage in the preparation, we fill any cracks, sharpen any corners, and tidy any blemishes before the paint application stage. We make sure these repairs are done to last. It can be time consuming, but a job worth doing is worth doing properly.


Spray Painting External Walls

For the best finish on this garden wall we chose a spray painted application. Spray painting ensures excellent and even coverage. Great protection for the wall from the rain and frost, a spray-painted exterior wall also gets the best finish appearance wise.


Technical advances in paint application

Spray painting is one of those great technical advances in painting. With powered paint application, the coverage is better, so the protection is better. It uses less paint than other application techniques. It looks better, and it takes less time. At Matropix we choose to invest that time saved in the preparation stages. We know that's where it really counts.


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